Selecting the best fragrance for cycling races and how to apply it.


Once you put the first scent on, you should have some coffee grounds or coffee beans that you smell in between because that helps to neutralize your taste and your smell buds, you must do it because otherwise, your nose gets overloaded by the senses and so if you smell something and you think you like it, it may smell entirely different than if you spent the next day just on its own. For the same reason, I suggest never to bring more than three samples home because otherwise, your nose will be just overloaded

I even know men who have one cologne, and they made it their signature scent, so everyone recognizes them when they enter the room yet though they haven’t even seen them in the first place. I think it’s nice to have a small collection of colognes so you can have a more rich perfume for the evenings or the winter, something lighter for summer, or during the day, and maybe something else that’s a little different if you’re in a different mood. Also, keep in mind, cologne never stands on its own. The shampoo you use, the lotion you put on your skin, and even the food you eat paired with your natural body odor or smell will always impact how a scent is perceived. For example, think of eating a lot of garlic, or even spicy foods will have an impact on how your body smells, so if you go out and eat something heavy or spicy, you probably want to go for a lighter scent, not something rich and deep.


I suggest you go out and smell different things to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. If you go to a regular store, you will see many designer names of Cologne very popular because it’s a high margin product but most of the time, what you can find inside the bottle cost less than one dollar to produce and the bottle is several times more expensive than that. So you’ll want to go a step up from those designer perfumes you can look into brands which have a range of best men’s parfum scents, at least in my opinion. Another step up would be colognes with exquisite essential oils and exciting combinations.


So how do you apply cologne when going to race?

First of all, I think it depends on the strength of Cologne. Something that is stronger has to be applied differently than something that is very light. When in doubt, always useless. I find one splash is enough for me. Some people like two but anything more than that is likely over the top. In general, most people spray the Cologne in the areas that are the warmest in our body which are also known as the pulse points because it helps to spread the scent, that being said, the neck is hot, so are the top of your shoulders, followed by the chest, some people also apply it behind their ears because it’s warmer there too.


While some people spray cologne on their hair or their clothes, I suggest you spray it on bare skin. Some people also like to rub it in that way but I do not think that’s of use because the mist will naturally distribute evenly. Keep in mind at that point you will mostly smell the bass notes. Also if your skin is generally dry, you can go with best ladies fragrance because there are fewer oils on your skin that help punches out that full scent. On the flipside, if you have more oily skin I suggest to go with a lighter scent; otherwise, it can easily be overpowering for others. As you can see, at the end of the day, choosing a cologne is a very personal thing. You can take into consideration the environment you’re in, the season, as well as the type of your skin, so you find something that genuinely works for you, and that’s flattering.