Learning More about Bicycle Racing and Property Letting Agents


All letting agents bicycle racing agents will advertise that they will actively carry out property management services. However, fees for this bicycle racing service can range from 5% of your monthly rental income to over 15%. So what do you get for your money, and how do you know how to choose between the agents? What we tend to find is that some agents will charge a very high set up fee, such as ₤350 and then a low management fee and when you add the two together, you realize that the company with the cheaper set up fee and more expensive management fee is actually the more competitive company in the longer term.

It’s essential to ensure that you add up all the racing trip fees that you might be charged and request that they are set out on one page of A4. Then compare all the costs over a tenancy agreement of six to twelve months and not just assume the ‘headline’ percentage management figure means one agent is cheaper than another. The next problem with what is included in property management charges is that the level of service of what’s included in property management can vary dramatically from one bicycle racing agent to another. As with all costs, it’s essential to understand precisely what is included in the property management service before you conclude which agent is more expensive than another.

Finally, many letting agents act as ‘Chinese whisperers’ when a tenant calls with a problem. They call the landlord and ask what the landlord wants to do about it, and if some work needs doing they’ll offer to organize it, and despite you the landlord paying a management fee, they then add a percentage on top of the work they, and you get billed for it! What’s the point of paying for that? Ideally the racing agent will either allow you to do the work yourself (or use your contractor), and if you are paying for property management, liaise with the contractor on your behalf, or they will organize the work for you up to a certain level (for example ₤ 500) free of charge and NOT take any ‘kickbacks’ from the tradesmen. Ideally what you should receive is the original (or copy) of the invoice for ALL works from the contractor or agent.

The main advantage that you can get from the best estate management services in Melville is that you will be spending a fixed amount regardless of how much money your property could generate. Aside from this, bicycle racers cannot expect the company to do everything to increase the income that you are generating from your property since the payment that you will be making on them won’t depend on the income that you create from the property. Fixed-price is one of the two types of bike racing and property management services that you can get, but there are still a lot of people who are not aware of the things that they can get from this kind of service. Upon signing, you are authorizing the racing company to manage your property by paying them a particular amount, regardless of how much money your property or bicycle racing companies generates.