Which ones do cyclists prefer ….traditional hair salons vs home based hair studios


Ever considered going to a home based hair salon? With times changing and economical times more and more people are looking to work out of their homes. Home based businesses are on the rise. From Interior decorating, day care and personal culinary this is only the beginning. Hair salons are finding their way into the home and not out of someone’s basement, but a full sized, full service hair salon.

Customers are looking for more personalized service a place where they can relax in a quiet atmosphere where they can take a break from their stressful day. Customers want to feel a one on one connection with their stylist. They want to feel they are being listened to and their needs are being met. Home based salons can offer this kind of service and atmosphere that is more conducive to a client’s needs.

Imagine going to a salon where you are “the guest of the hour” with no interruptions, no phone ringing, no gossip between stylists or other guests and no body being worked in during your appointment. Sounds too good to be true? Well it isn’t. These salons are popping up all over the country.

What about cleanliness? Home based salons are held to the same standards if not higher as your traditional hair salons. All salons traditional or home based are required by law to have a salon license, a business license, health inspections, liability insurance and a personal cosmetology licenses for all stylist working in the salon.

Home based salons are keeping up with the times and technology. Websites, online scheduling, scheduling apps for smart phones, their own product lines, newsletters, blogs, facebook, twitter you name it and these salons are getting it.

Imagine you’re at work sitting at your desk and you realize for the third day in a row you forgot to make your hair appointment because you cannot make personal phone calls during work hours and by the time you get home you forget. Or you remember to call but the phone is busy. Ugh! With these online booking services you can go to the salons website and book your appointment from there or if you have a smart phone download your salons online booking service company app to your phone and make your appointment on the fly. No more waiting till you get off work, busy signals, or being put on hold. In just a few clicks you’re in and you can go about your day.

Cyclists should look at hair services costs before engaging any professional

Cost for services in these home based salons? You can expect to pay about the same as traditional salons. Prices are generally determined by the experience and education of the stylist. Home based salons may have a little less overhead than traditional salons but by all means the cost to run is not free. Since home based salons are required to be separate from the main house the cost to add the salon, bathroom separate entrance having less employees etc. makes the cost of doing business just as high. Besides, if you’re going to pay the same price why not go where you are going to get the one on one service and atmosphere you deserve in a quiet home based beauty salon?